Meet The Lab

This space arises from making a chemical combination with the initials of my name and curiously, that not so secret potion created an incredible laboratory. L for Leonardi, A for Amanda and B for Ball, since I think I am dyslexic I liked the internal joke of the mixture of the letters that materialize this LAB 

 The perfect space to work with magic, energies and a lot of light and love


So in this space I will create beautiful content that hopefully can support you in you journey and grow with you in the process. Little by little the ideas will flow, however I already have a very exciting and fun one and want to tell you all about it.


 Through energy reading using tarot cards and different oracles I want to help you get a guide in your life. If you feel blocked, wanting to speak and have someone listen to you, you are looking for a guide to improve your quality of life or magically find your life purpose, I'm your Witch and I can help.


If you want to start working with me with a tarot reading GO HERE and choose whatever your heart needs


See you in the other side,