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This is the first tapestry, the beginning, the one that lit the dormant flame of creativity. It is beautiful how the universe aligns itself to take you to places that ignite the magic within you, that place was Cagliari, the capital of a great island in the middle of the Mediterranean. This Island made me wake up, with its colors, its food and its people. Every part of me that had been sleeping for so many years began to wake up little by little and so knot by knot, stitch by stitch, texture and color, materialized my awakening with this magical tapestry.


Pieza base: 72cm x 150cm x 6cm
Tubo base: 86cm x 2cm
Pieza frontal: 14cm x 125cm x 6cm
Tubo frontal: 20cm x 2cm
Dimensiones con montaje: 86 cm x 200cm x 25cm
100% cotton cord 100% wool threads + copper tube.
Piezas para montaje